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Armorwrists - Tunes For Every Kind Of Human

Image of Armorwrists - Tunes For Every Kind Of Human


"one of the only two everlasting members of the late ursa theodorus, christian willard felt the demise of his jeweled screamo creation was the perfect opportunity to create something even better. thus he conceived the alias armorwrists. like his previous efforts in ursa, he writes all of the music keeping a solid equilibrium between driving melodic guitars and tranquil finger-picking that meander and dissipate accordingly. his drumming is self-explanatory as he plays a very simplified set up without the backing of a bass drum, but it is the deeply troubled lyrics accompanied by a haunting voice that send his messages home. whether he's crooning in a barely audible warble or screaming his throat raw his lyrics pervade that of a highly complacent youth who sees what he sees and knows exactly how to convey each and every thought that strikes him as "fucked up." don't get on this kids bad side. he will exploit every flaw you didn't know you had."